Started with Photography in 2008. Bought my first Sony A350 DSLR with an 18-200mm zoom lens. I photographed any subject. From nature to street, portrait, landscape, astro and weather photography.

Around 2012 i bought an Canon 60D DSLR with an EFS 15-85mm F2.8 USM Lens. This camera is a little more sensitive than the Sony, and the Canon lens is verry sharp. It sharpness is close to an L lens. It uses the same glass Elements. The L lenses are only better sealed and more luxury. This lens can be used aswell for Portrait photos and normall all-day photography. Ive used this setup still till today. It just works for everything. No coma, no abberation. Just a perfect lens. I could be used for widefield astro also.

The Last 2 years i also picked up Astrophotography again. My wish was always to get an mobile startracker, an small refractor to capture widefield astro and Nebulas. In 2022 i got finally my astrophotography setup after years saving money for this.

I bought an Skywatcher AZGTI Goto Mount which fits on my existing Gitzo Systematic tripod. Between that i needed an Equatorial Wedge. Not long after that the ASI120MM-S dropped on the floor which i got for a really reasonable price well below the selling price. Thanks Jeroen of Ganymedes! The guidecam will be mounted to an 30mm guidescope.

The most important thing left is the telescope. My choice was getting an Scope not bigger than 72ED since the capacity load of 5KG for the AZ GTI. I was thinking for a long time, to go for the Evostar 72ED, but also at that time the Evolux 62ED was just released. There was and still isnt not much info or review to find on. I was taking a risk with an unknown scope. How well does it perform? Is it better quality than the Evostars? All kind of questions runs through my head. When i recieved the scope, i was blasting away by the build quality. The scope naked weighted almost 2.5KG, which is alot more than the Evostar. Most of the weight is caused by the bigger and robust builded focusser. For an 62ED is looks pretty big. Close the same size as an 72ED.

The only thing i am missing is an flattener for this scope, which cost another 300 euros, which really is needed for Astrophotography. Ive lended this flattener for 1 week in August 2022 from friend which owns an Astroshop in the Netherlands. Check my Gallery to see my First Light shot of M31 “Andromeda”.