Started with Photography in 2008. Bought my first Sony A350 DSLR with an 18-200mm zoom lens. I photographed any subject. From nature to street, portrait, landscape, astro and weather photography.

Around 2012 i bought an Canon 60D DSLR with an EFS 15-85mm F2.8 USM Lens. This camera is a little more sensitive than the Sony, and the Canon lens is verry sharp. It sharpness is close to an L lens. It uses the same glass Elements. The L lenses are only better sealed and more luxury. This lens can be used aswell for Portrait photos and normall all-day photography. Ive used this setup still till today. It just works for everything. No coma, no abberation. Just a perfect lens. I could be used for widefield astro also.

The Last 2 years i also picked up Astrophotography again. My wish was always to get an computerized GoTo mount, an small refractor to capture widefield astro and Nebulas. In 2022 i got finally my astrophotography setup after years saving money for this. In 2024 i upgrade my setup with an Dedicated Astrocam “Altair 269C ProTec”. Which is more sensitive than my DSLR and can cool to -35c degrees under ambient temperture. Thanks to Ctechi for Sponsering a GT200 Powerstation.